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Hi, my name is Umut Işık.

I am a software engineer and currently working as CTO at SmartupNetwork.

I am a software engineer and I spent 18 years pursuing a career in softwares developmentincluding e-commerce sites, content management systems, product information managementsystems, translation process/memory management systems, news portals, dating sites, learningmanagement systems and corporate multi-layer web applications.


CTO Oct 2020 - Present, at SmartupNetwork
Delivery Manager Nov 2018 - Sep 2020, at Sony
PHP Sub-Competency Lead Apr 2016 – Nov 2018, at Sony
Technical Architect May 2012 – Apr 2016, at Sony
Senior PHP Developer Jun 2007 – May 2012, at Sony
Senior PHP Developer Apr 2006 - May 2007, at Magnetdigital
Military Service
Junior PHP Developer Jan 2002 - Oct 2004, at Forsnet


  • Escape From Local Maxima : An article about changing and managing personal skills.
    On Oct 9, 2019
  • Adapting New Joiners To The Team : In this article, I'll try to explain the focus areas (six firsts) that I always consider while creating the plan for adapting the new joiners to the teams.
    On May 16, 2019
  • A Talk About Mentorship : This a very subjective talk about mentorship which is generally considered as a part of in-company training.
    On October 17, 2018
  • Setting Up a CI For Your Project : In this article, I will share my recent experience in creating a CI pipeline from scratch for a web application managed by a medium sized development team.
    On September 9, 2018
  • Infinite Loop Of Learning : We are in an infinite loop of evolution; technologies, people, requirements, concepts and everything that structures the software industry evolves.
    On June 1, 2017
  • Peaceful Workplace : According to my personal work experience, I can say that those corporate weapons have temporary affect unless the team feels the ultimate peace in the workplace.
    On April 9, 2017
  • Working At Westeros : I tried to imagine how the noble houses would be if we work at Westeros.
    On February 9, 2015
  • Self Learning Teams : We should be agile in learning as we are already agile in development.
    On January 26, 2015
  • Code Kata Sessions For Developers : Kata is basically about repeating the techniques of an art or study in a disciplined way.
    On January 19, 2015


Community Contributions

Open Source Projects

  • WOSPM/checker : A checker for project owners to measure their open source project if welcoming or not.
  • WOSPM/checklist : A checklist for project owners to measure their open source project if welcoming or not.
  • WOSPM/tool-list : The list of tools and resource that can be found useful by open source project maintainers.
  • awesome-cli : A simple command line tool to give you a fancy command line interface to dive into Awesome lists.
  • gitlabci-npm-audit-script : The script for adding "npm audit" as a step to GitlabCI pipeline.
  • hacker-laws-cli : A CLI tool for Hacker-Laws Repo
  • php-docker-images-for-ci : A repository with a set of Docker files created from official PHP images with some CI tools.
  • PHPCS_Coercive_Standards : Coercive standards for PHP Code Sniffer.
  • visualize-gitlabci : A command-line tool to visualize Gitlab pipeline by using .gitlabci.yml file of your repo. Managed on and mirrored to this repo.
  • wp-vulnerability-check : A command line took to check the WPScan Vulnerability Database via API to identify the security issues of WordPress plugins installed.

Github Contributions

  • pa11y-ci : Pa11y CI is a CI-centric accessibility test runner, built using Pa11y
  • PHP-Var-Dump-Check : Find forgotten variables dump in PHP source code.

"There are two kinds of people: one, the one who teaches; other, the one who learns. Choose whichever you want to be. Tell me clearly. Be one of them and avoid the third."

Yusuf Has Hacib in his ancient book Kutadgu Bilig.

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

Hanlon's Razor by Robert J. Hanlon.

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